Zehnder makes indoor spaces healthier

We are always thinking about our health. Why don’t we also think about healthy air ?

We spend most of our life indoors in closed rooms.

The indoor climate thus has a large impact on our health – poor indoor air quality can cause serious health problems, such as respiratory disorders.

By using products and systems from Zehnder we can implement measures at home and at work to ensure the room air is healthy.

These systems ensure there are less pollutants, such as dust, pollen and CO2, that the optimum degree of humidity and perfect temperature are maintained and that noise is prevented.

In turn, we get a better night’s sleep, feel fitter and more rested and are simply more energetic and active at work and during our spare time.

Designer radiators

Individual decorative radiators for healthy living in indoor spaces

Classic elegance for any design

  • No build-up of dust and thus dust-free room air due to smooth surface
  • The special Zehnder TopCare surface coating prevents the reproduction and spread of micro-organisms
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Comfortable indoor ventilation

Energy-efficient and comfort indoor ventilation for a healthy indoor climate

Zehnder ComfoAir Q

The new generation of ventilation units
  • Improved sleep and thus higher levels of concentration and productivity as CO2 content of the room air is reduced
  • Reduced number of allergic complaints due to various optimised filter designs that stop the ingress of pollen, fine particulate matter and other pollutants in the room air
  • Fewer respiratory disorders as a result of optimised humidity levels in the room air regulated by enthalpy exchangers
  • Absence of stress caused by noise disturbance due to latest low-noise fan technology


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Zehnder ComfoAir Q600 ST, ComfoPipe Compact ComfoFond Q L, ComfoWell 520 in a basement

Zehnder Comfofresh

Always a suitable solution for every building situation
  • Less strain placed on the immune system due to even distribution of fresh air in all rooms
  • Prevention of mould developing as a result of stale and humid air being extracted
  • Reduced build-up of residual dust in the ventilation tubes for the extract air


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Zehnder Comfofresh onFloor with isolation
Heating and cooling ceiling systems

More pleasant working climate in commercial buildings

Zehnder ZBN – large-scale indoor climate control made to measure

  • Reduced number of respiratory and allergic complaints as a result of absence of dust dispersal caused by draughts
  • Prevention of draughts as no fans are used
  • Fewer colds as temperatures remain the same throughout the room as a result of radiant heat in the winter and pleasant cooling in the summer
  • Absence of stress caused by noise disturbance due to silent operation

Zehnder ZBN

Clean Air Solutions

Air cleaning systems for a clean and healthy working environment

More productive employees through air cleaning systems from Zehnder

Industrial air cleaning systems from Zehnder provide a clean and healthy working environment.

Sickness-related absenteeism is reduced by 30% or more.

Clean air has a direct effect on productivity as healthy and motivated employees simply work better.

Industrial air cleaning