The decentralised ventilation unit Zehnder ComfoAir 70 provides fresh air and produces a pleasant indoor climate and feeling of well-being. Thanks to its intelligent technology, fresh air is supplied to the room permanently and stale, moist air exhausted to the outside – so you never have the feeling that you have to open the window. This reduces the energy consumption because no valuable heating energy is lost through window ventilation. This saves energy and real money.


  • Energy-efficient: The large dimensions of the enthalpy exchanger ensure optimal heat recovery and humidity recovery.
  • Flexible: Neighbouring rooms can also be integrated into the ventilation system.
  • Expandable: Large apartments can use several units to supply and extract air.
  • Intuitive: Capacitive button for easy touch operation.
  • Demand-oriented: Four programmable fan levels and switch-off function to ensure the ideal air flows.
  • Safe: Display shows filter replacement and any service requirements.
  • Optimal alignment of comfort ventilation unit and Zehnder original filters (in accordance with ISO 16890 air filter standard) creates dust-free indoor air and maximum hygiene
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