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Advantages and benefits of comfortable indoor ventilation

The perfect supply of oxygen and draught-free air promotes better sleep, concentration and productivity.
Hans-Peter Zehnder
Heat recovery
Energy savings up to 50%
It is only when Zehnder Comfosystems is in place that air-tight building fabric, stipulated by law, really makes sense.
Hans-Peter Zehnder
Your home enjoys a permanent supply of fresh, clean air; simultaneously, moist air, kitchen odours or tobacco smoke are automatically extracted.
Retention of value
Mildew formation caused by a lack of ventilation is prevented by reducing excessive air humidity.
Country house? Or Bauhaus style? Zehnder Comfosystems suits any style of home.
Hans-Peter Zehnder
The Zehnder Comfosystems ventilation system provides a long-term solution for the hygienic exchange of air.
Energy efficiency label
More transparency and information in matters of energy efficiency.
Hans-Peter Zehnder
Tested product quality for Zehnder ventilation tub
SKZ quality mark
Safety ensured for installers and end users. Meets the highest hygiene requirements. Highest quality delivered consistently. Reliable operation. A milestone for product quality

Zehnder comfortable indoor ventilation: What is it?