From planning to maintenance

Zehnder strives to provide complete satisfaction and tailored customer service.

At Zehnder, we believe in good customer service. You will receive individual advice and comprehensive support. On request, we can advise property developers, planners, architects and installation engineers not only during the planning phase, but also during construction and commissioning. With short delivery times, easy-to-contact service departments, fast processes and efficient support, Zehnder strives to provide complete satisfaction and tailored customer service.

Zehnder ComfoPlan guides you through planning for comfort ventilation

From the air volume calculation according to DIN 1946-6 to the material list including cost calculation, Zehnder ComfoPlan is a helpful aid for installers, planners and architects – clear, user-friendly and efficient.

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Zehnder supports tradesmen in the planning of ventilation systems through its expert sales team. The air volumes required for the building are determined on the basis of the latest energy-saving regulations and DIN regulations, allowing the right units to be recommended. Sub-soil heat exchangers, pre-heaters, humidity recovery and source or mixed ventilation are also taken into consideration, depending on requirements. This provides the property developer with a tailor-made offer for a complete ventilation system.

  • Planning support for the installer
  • Training of partners
  • Compliance with rules and regulations (DIN 1946-6)
  • Individual offers tailored to customer requirements

Coordinated, simple-to-use system components enable quick installation. The Zehnder InFloor and OnFloor air distribution systems can be installed easily without the need for special tools. Saving you time and money. Zehnder also instructs installers on the use and installation of individual components. Prompt technical advice is available from our advisers during commissioning and servicing.

  • Coordinated system components
  • Simple, quick and affordable installation
  • Support for installers in the form of technical instruction
  • Commissioning and instruction for property developers about the ventilation system

All Zehnder controls are noted for their user-friendliness. The control panel is available with a programme timer and status messages, and can be integrated into a switch box. The ComfoControl Luxe control panel is available for more advanced requirements.

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Air exchange setting to meet requirements
  • Stage switch
  • Control panel with status messages and timer
  • Optionally supplemented by remote control

The ventilation tubes can be cleaned as required, although dirt does not normally settle on the smooth inner skin. The unit filters and dust filters in the extract air vents protect against soiling. Pollen filters can be optionally installed in the unit. However, these are only effective in the long term if they are regularly replaced. The heat exchanger should also be regularly cleaned to comply with all hygienic requirements.

  • Smooth inner skin prevents dirt from settling
  • Simple replacement of filters in the unit and the air vents
  • Simple heat exchanger cleaning

Zehnder ventilation units are exceptionally user-friendly and require very little maintenance. They should nevertheless be regularly checked by a specialist, as is the case with all electronic and mechanical products. The unit should be examined for dirt and the heat exchanger must be cleaned. The heat exchanger can be removed from the unit by a specialist and washed out under running water in just a few easy steps. For a Zehnder ventilation unit, this is only necessary approximately every two years and can be arranged affordably – for example, as part of heating maintenance work. A “Major Service” of this kind is mainly intended to keep the units operating and to ensure the long-term effectiveness and efficiency of the system.

Tp ensure perfect operation, the user only has to follow a few simple care points and perform the “Minor Service”. This means that the operator must check the unit filters and the extract air valves in the relevant rooms every 3 months, and replace them if necessary. The filters are easily accessible and users can replace them quickly and easily themselves. We recommend a full filter replacement every six months. Original spare filters can usually be purchased from the installer or ordered easily from our online shop.

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  • Low-maintenance units
  • Long-lasting effectiveness and efficiency
  • Reliable inspections/maintenance by trained specialists
  • Filter replacement by the user

See additional videos about filter replacement

Example plannings

Sophisticated sample plans

Create an overview with the aid of sample plans. These include air volume calculations and material lists and costs.

More information about our sample plans

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Installation of a complete system

Zehnder products and systems have proven their worth in practice. They are easy to install, so you save valuable time. Here you can see the key steps involved in installation, from commissioning to end customer briefing.


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