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Balanced ventilation with Climate Switch®

Getting a comfortable indoor climate all year round - without caring

Get more out of your ventilation system - without caring

Within hot summers, icy cold winters and ever varying shoulder seasons we‘re even more requiring a comfortable indoor climate to feel well at home.

With Climate Switch® from Zehnder your ventilation unit automatically offers fresh air with the best stable indoor climate in every season and this in an energy-efficient way.

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Climate Switch® inside

Find this logo on every Zehnder ComfoAir Q and be sure having the best automatical adjusted indoor climate all year round – without caring.

  • Optimum comfort and improved indoor air quality. You feel this! You‘re more energetic, concentrated and in a good mood.
  • Reduced energy costs. Heat, cold and humidity recovery have a high level of energy efficiency.
  • Good for your health. Climate Switch® ensures fresh air supply throughout the house, unhealthy particles are efficiently filtered out of the air and the humidity is balanced.
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How does Climate Switch® work?

Bart Cremers, MSc. in Physics and Knowledge Consultant Ventilation technologies of the Zehnder Group, explains how Climate Switch® works and how it benefits you.


Cold recovery

Fresh air is supplied in a comfortably cool way. 

Cold recovery extracts heat from the warm outdoor air.

This saves energy for the central cooling system.

Learn more on how Zehnder got certified by the renowned Passive house institute.

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Humidity recovery

Fresh air is supplied in a less humid way.
Humidity recovery (optional) extracts humidity from the humid outdoor air. This brings the indoor humidity to a comfortable level below 60%. This saves energy for the central cooling system as well.

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Passive cooling with bypass

Fresh outdoor air supports to cool your house.

Bypass activation brings cool outdoor air directly into the house. This supports to save energy for the central cooling system.

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In winter

Heat recovery

Fresh air is supplied in a comfortably warm way. 

Heat recovery adds heat to the cold outdoor air. This saves energy for the central heating system.

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Humidity recovery

Fresh air is supplied in a sufficiently humid way. 

Humidity recovery (optional) adds humidity to the dry outdoor air.

This brings the indoor humidity to a comfortable level above 40%.

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In shoulder season

Passive heating with bypass 

Fresh outdoor air supports to heat your house. 

Bypass activation brings warm outdoor air directly into the house. This supports to save energy for the central heating system.

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With Climate Switch® by Zehnder you can prevent overheating during hot summer days.

Download our white paper free of charge to get further insights how to prevent overheating in your home.

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Overview of ventilation systems and Climate Switch® solutions

The technology inside your ComfoAir Q automatically provides the best mode for ensuring the most comfortable indoor climate.

Cold recovery

Recover coolness with your ventilation system. The solution for energy efficiency and comfort.

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The intelligent control detects which season it is and switches between cold or heat recovery.

Enthalpy exchanger

Heat and humidity recovery, without contaminants in the supply air.

Zehnder ComfoFond-L Q

Renewable energy from the ground for maximum comfort and high efficiency.

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Why Zehnder

We focuse intensively and successfully on innovative solutions for your indoor climate. The quality of the indoor air and the comfort for you in your living and working environment are central to us. Our goal: realizing a healthy, comfortable and energy efficient indoor climate.

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Healthy and comfortable indoor climate

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Market leader in ventialtion systems

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An ideal indoor climate offers a lot of benefits including enhanced well-being and more comfort at home.

Zehnder’s ventilation systems ensure this by creating the perfect indoor comfort in every season.

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