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Optimum indoor air comfort all year round

On cold winter days in particular, the air inside a room can often be too dry. In summer, the relatively humid air feels warmer than it actually is, which can cause irritation. Improve your quality of life with our ideal solution: comfortable indoor ventilation with humidity recovery.

Ideal indoor climate – in summer and in winter

Comfortable indoor ventilation systems from Zehnder with an optional integrated enthalpy exchanger create an ideal indoor climate thanks to both heat and humidity recovery. Enjoy optimum indoor air quality for enhanced well-being.

How does humidity recovery work?

Comfortable indoor ventilation systems with an enthalpy exchanger from Zehnder recover up to 80% of heat and additionally up to 70% of humidity.

This retains warmth and humidity indoors in winter while ensuring that you still get an adequate supply of fresh air. In summer, heat and humidity are removed from the warm, humid outdoor air before the fresh air enters the house. 

This energy-efficient process prevents excessive dryness in winter and excessive humidity in summer.

Zehnder’s patented polymer membrane functions as a separating layer between the airflows. It also
prevents pollution from being transferred from the extract air to the supply air.

The benefits of a healthy climate for your home

Optimum comfort and improved indoor air quality

Humidity recovery reduces excessively dry air in winter and
excessively warm and humid air in summer. This creates the best possible
indoor air for enhanced comfort and well-being.

Good for your health

Constant indoor air quality and a comfortable level of relative air humidity
offer health benefits.

Reduce energy costs

Heat recovery and humidity recovery have a high level of energy efficiency. In winter, the activation of a pre-heater
only becomes necessary at lower temperatures and in summer, the costs of air conditioning are reduced.

A good investment in your home

A constant humidity level prevents cracks in
sensitive materials such as wood flooring and extends their lifetime.

Flexible retrofitting at any time

If you are already benefiting from comfortable indoor ventilation from Zehnder, you have the option of adding humidity recovery at a later stage.
The Zehnder enthalpy exchanger can be integrated into your comfortable indoor ventilation system at any time.

Low-maintenance and water-washable

The only washable enthalpy exchanger on the market: the robust and patented polymer membrane makes the Zehnder enthalpy exchanger simple
and quick to maintain, while also increasing the service life.


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