Functional principle

How the optional ComfoFond-L sub-soil heat exchanger works

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Utilise the constant temperature of the ground for heat recovery and tempering the supply air

The Zehnder ComfoFond-L sub-soil heat exchanger utilises the constant temperature of the ground to protect against frost and temper the supply air by means of a brine pipe laid in the ground.

In order to utilise the constant temperature of the ground in both winter and summer, the geothermal energy is stored in a ground collector through which brine flows. The energy it contains is transferred to the ventilation unit by means of a preconnected heat exchanger which is adjoined to the fresh supply air.

In the spring and autumn, when the outside air and the ground are at similar temperatures, it is often more economical not to temper the supply air. The Zehnder ComfoAir ventilation unit brine pumps are therefore only activated as required. The ground collector is easy to install, making the Zehnder ComfoFond-L a sensible and worthwhile enhancement to ventilation systems, particularly in single-family and two-family houses.

Zehnder Comfofond L 350

Pre-cooled outside air is perceived as particularly pleasant, especially on hot and humid summer days.

Zehnder offers two alternatives: the ComfoFond and ComfoFond-L sub-soil heat exchangers, which utilise the temperature of the ground to temper the air, and the ComfoCool cooling unit, where the air is actively cooled and dehumidified by means of a heat pump.

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