SKZ quality mark

Tested product quality for Zehnder ventilation tubes.

Zehnder ventilation tubes are a principal component of the Zehnder OnFloor and InFloor air distribution systems, and are responsible for supplying and extracting air in individual rooms in accordance with requirements. The ventilation tubes are laid so that they can hardly be seen.

This makes it all the more important to be able to rely 100% on the quality of the tubes. As the first ventilation manufacturer to obtain the SKZ quality mark, Zehnder has achieved a major milestone in terms of product quality.

An array of visual inspections and mechanical and analytical tests ensure that only the highest-quality ventilation tubes are used. These must be capable of handling the routine rigours of installation work whilst also ensuring a supply of fresh air for a healthy and comfortable indoor climate, even after many years of operation.

  • SKZ-certified
  • Safety ensured for installers and end users
  • Meets the highest hygiene requirements
  • Highest quality delivered consistently
  • Reliable operation

Alongside the inspection by the installer every two years, the user must check and replace the unit filters and indoor air filters every six months in order to ensure that the comfortable indoor ventilation systems are working perfectly and hygienically at all times.

1. Visual inspection

Visual inspections, which are also included in the manufacturing process on the basis of SKZ specifications, ensure that the internal coating and outer skin are homogeneous and without flaws. This, in turn, ensures important hygiene features such as easy cleaning and the avoidance of dust build-ups in the piping.

Hans-Peter Zehnder

2. Mechanical tests

During the mechanical tests, the Zehnder ventilation tubes were tested for ring stiffness as well as pressure and shock resistance. The tubes also underwent a stress crack formation test and were required to prove their flexibility when a ventilation tube was bent.

3. Age resistance

Ventilation tubes must ensure a supply of fresh air throughout the lifetime of a building. By way of a final test, the ventilation tubes were artificially aged and subsequently subjected to the same visual inspections and mechanical tests. Once again, the ventilation tubes met all requirements. As a result, they are able to ensure a safe and hygienic supply of fresh air.

Hans-Peter Zehnder

4. Quality

The Zehnder ventilation tubes won over the SKZ inspectors with regard to all criteria. The award of the SKZ seal of approval has emphatically underlined the high quality offered by the Zehnder air distribution system.

Hans-Peter Zehnder

SKZ certificate

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