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Zehnder Comfosystems

Fresh Air.

A constant supply of fresh air in the indoor spaces in which we spend more than 70% of our time is vital for our health. Zehnder Comfosystems comfort ventilation systems provide an assurance that equal amounts of stale and fresh air will be exchanged.

The comfort indoor ventilation system offers many advantages.


Discover the advantages

Healthy, energy-efficient and comfortable

The comfortable indoor ventilation system with up to 95% heat recovery provides energy-optimised air exchange, which can be automatically controlled to suit individual requirements. The system components, intelligently designed to work together, provide a constant supply of fresh air while extracting stale air.

Functional principle

Ventilation is the cornerstone of a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate and for maintaining your health. This applies to both domestic ventilation and ventilation in buildings used for commercial purposes.

With Zehnder Comfosystems ventilation units, the air volume can be simply adjusted to suit requirements. This comfortable ventilation guarantees a pleasant and healthy indoor climate at all times.

Advantages and benefits of comfortable indoor ventilation

The perfect supply of oxygen and draught-free air promotes better sleep, concentration and productivity.
Hans-Peter Zehnder
Heat recovery
Energy savings up to 50%
It is only when Zehnder Comfosystems is in place that air-tight building fabric, stipulated by law, really makes sense.
Hans-Peter Zehnder
Your home enjoys a permanent supply of fresh, clean air; simultaneously, moist air, kitchen odours or tobacco smoke are automatically extracted.
Retention of value
Mildew formation caused by a lack of ventilation is prevented by reducing excessive air humidity.
Country house? Or Bauhaus style? Zehnder Comfosystems suits any style of home.
Hans-Peter Zehnder
The Zehnder Comfosystems ventilation system provides a long-term solution for the hygienic exchange of air.
Energy efficiency label
More transparency and information in matters of energy efficiency.
Hans-Peter Zehnder
Tested product quality for Zehnder ventilation tub
SKZ quality mark
Safety ensured for installers and end users. Meets the highest hygiene requirements. Highest quality delivered consistently. Reliable operation. A milestone for product quality


For houses and apartments, for private households and commercial premises, for new builds and renovation projects, for ventilation, pre-tempering or complete energy centres: Zehnder Comfosystems can offer the right solution for every project and every application with a wide and varied portfolio of products catering for any performance class and any level of comfort. The system components are perfectly matched so that compact energy units and/or ventilation units and air distribution systems can be combined with all kinds of designer grilles.

Zehnder Comfosystems in new builds

Single-family house
New build: Single-family house
New build: Apartment block
New build: Apartment block
New build: Public and commercial field
New build: Public and commercial field

Zehnder Comfosystems for building refurbishment

Refurbishment: Single-family house
Refurbishment: Single-family house
Refurbishment: Apartment block
Refurbishment: Apartment block
Refurbishment: Public and commercial field
Refurbishment: Public and commercial field