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Better energy efficiency

Zehnder ComfoAir Q ventilation units

Maximum energy efficiency with low consumption

Innovative technologies make it possible for the Zehnder ComfoAir Q ventilation units to achieve the best results: maximum energy efficiency(according to PHI measuring method, 90% heat recovery with an SFP of 0.28 W/m3/h at 270 m3/h) with the lowest energy consumption of its class. This saves costs and increases the value of the property in the long term.

Performance standards of tomorrow

The Zehnder ComfoAir Q models have been awarded or applied for all the relevant energy efficiency certificates, meaning that they meet all European energy and performance standards. But that's not all – in fact, they already exceed the requirements for 2018 in terms of:

  • Power consumption
  • Level of efficiency
  • Control

With intelligent temperature control of the drawn-in outdoor air, the ventilation unit ensures the best possible energy efficiency. The adaptive pre-heater adapts perfectly to the temperature, volume flow and air humidity.  

Ideal heat recovery

The Paul diamond heat exchanger ensures an increased level of heat recovery with a surface area that has been expanded by 25%. The result is a heat load reduction of up to 38% compared to average competitor products. In addition, the reduced air resistance also helps to reduce energy consumption.  

Innovative air volume balancing

The new patented sensor technology of Zehnder ComfoAir Q also ensures maximum heat recovery. This innovative Flow Control controller automatically ensures balanced supply air and extract air volumes. Commissioning is quick and easy, as the speed does not need to be set manually.

Quietest fan technology

The cleanest and freshest air isn't worth half as much if it is accompanied by a disruptive wall of noise. With Zehnder ComfoAir Q, that is no longer a problem. The innovative ventilation unit is fitted with what have been proven to be the quietest fans on the market, meaning that it is practically silent. The Flow Grid, scroll housing and ebm-papst RadiCal impeller ensure the best possible air flow and particularly low energy consumption.

Hans-Peter Zehnder