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The display is the simplest controller – it is always available and is integrated directly into the ventilation unit. It can be used to commission, programme and even maintain Zehnder ComfoAir Q. In addition to the standard menu, there is also an advanced menu and an installation engineer menu with additional functions.

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An accessory interface known as the option box also allows you to connect CO2 and humidity sensors to Zehnder ComfoAir Q. The sensors can be either wired or controlled wirelessly. Expansion modules, such as RFZ or RF timers, are also available as options. These can be installed all over the house as required.

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Remote control

ComfoSense C can be used for RF (wireless) communication. The Option box allows the possibility for wired CO2 or RH sensors. The wireless switches RFZ and RF-Timer works in combination with the ComfoSense C and/or a ComfoAir Q unit with build-in RF module. The RF module is an optional module, which can also be installed afterwards.

KNX interface

The ComfoConnect KNX C KNX interface allows you to conveniently integrate Zehnder ComfoAir Q ventilation units into a building technology system. Whether the unit is being retrofitted into an existing system or becoming a completely new installation plays only a minor role in this process.

Internet interface

The ComfoConnect LAN C Internet interface opens up a huge range of possibilities. Technicians can monitor system maintenance, planning and function via the ComfoControl app. And of course this also makes controlling and programming the system convenient for the owner by using the ComfoControl app from a smartphone or tablet while on the move or on the sofa.

Operating concepts in PDF format

Zehnder ComfoAir Q offers a variety of easy-to-use control options: by cable via a KNX interface, over the Internet using the app or wirelessly using control panels and expansion modules, or simply directly on the unit.

ComfoControl App

Whether you're on the move or on the sofa, control your ComfoAir Q conveniently via your smartphone or tablet. Just download the free ComfoControl app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

You can find a link to the Apple App Store here

You can find a link to the Google Play Store here

* Available languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish


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