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Zehnder ComfoAir Q ventilation units

Dust and pollen filter

The powerful filters in Zehnder ComfoAir Q stop 100% of dust and pollen from getting into the supply air. In this way, the ventilation unit ensures easy breathing at all times and is the perfect choice – especially for allergy sufferers. A warning indicator also warns you in good time that the filters need changing. The indicator factors in not only the elapsed time, but also the air volume transported, thus ensuring a peaceful, relaxing night's sleep.

The filters also meet standards of the filternorm ISO 16890.

Hans-Peter Zehnder

CO2 sensors for air quality

Zehnder ComfoAir Q constantly measures air quality using optional CO2 sensors. This automatically guarantees a constant balance of supply air and extract air volumes. The supply air volume is adjusted to the air quality in the individual rooms and ensures a healthy indoor air climate. This Flow Control controller perfectly combines optimum, healthy air quality with maximum energy savings. 

Hans-Peter Zehnder

Modulating by-pass system

A modulating by-pass system guarantees that the supply air in the living space is always at the perfect temperature. Temperatures can be customised: fresh but never too cold; pleasant but never too hot. The modulating by-pass is guided by an optimum comfort temperature, which is determined on the basis of information from the temperature and humidity sensors as well as an intelligent algorithm.

Hans-Peter Zehnder

Heat exchanger

Zehnder ComfoAir Q noticeably reduces the heat load with its heat recovery level. In fact, it can achieve reductions of up to 38% compared to average competitor products! The ventilation unit manages this using the large surface area of the extremely efficient Paul diamond heat exchanger. Variable duct heights ensure lower pressure loss, which in turn also ensures lower energy consumption.

Hans-Peter Zehnder

Quiet fans

The RadiCal impeller fans from ebm-papst are part of the latest generation of fans. The shape and positioning of the Flow Grid, scroll housing and fan ensure the lowest possible air resistance. This results in operation that is both extremely quiet and highly energy-efficient.

Hans-Peter Zehnder