Zehnder electric heating elements

Almost all Zehnder decorative radiators can be operated as an electric-only version or in combination with the central heating. Even a model that has previously been operated via the central heating only can be retrofitted for dual energy operation, depending on the product in question.

The electrical output of the heating element is tailored to the size of the radiator. The corresponding controller determines the ease of use.

The Zehnder WIVAR electric heating element and the Basic RF control unit enable Zehnder bathroom radiators to be installed in an extremely flexible manner.

Many decorative radiator models in the electric-only version are offered with the WIVAR heating element and the BASIC RF control unit as standard. The Basic RF control unit can also be retrofitted without any difficulty.

Practical and flexible

The Zehnder WIVAR heating element is connected to the mains power supply and the cable can be routed upwards or downwards so it can even be mounted in hard-to-reach places. Its design is perfectly coordinated with Zehnder radiators and the grille is available in a range of colours, blending in seamlessly into the overall appearance. Users can choose between two individually adjustable heating levels and a two-hour timer programme.

Added convenience with the control unit

The Basic RF control unit can be used to control the room temperature manually via four preset temperature ranges.

  • Room temperature mode: A sensor measures the room temperature every five minutes and compares it with the preselected temperature level. If necessary, the electric heating element is switched on immediately.
  • Timer mode: In Timer mode, the electric heating element heats at full power for the selected time. It then switches back to the preselected room temperature.

eWIVAR app for weekly scheduling

The eWIVAR app can be used to create weekly programmes. The weekly schedule is transferred to the Basic RF control unit via NFC (near-field communication). If the timer on the control unit is set to “Auto”, the heating is controlled according to the weekly programme. The eWIVAR AndroidTM app can be downloaded for free from the Google PlayTM store.


Combined with hot water heating

A T-piece can be fitted in the flow or return to enable dual energy operation, combining hot water central heating with the electric heating element.

Zehnder WIVAR is compatible with the following radiators

These decorative radiators are offered in the electric-only version with the WIVAR heating element and the BASIC RF control unit as standard.

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The Zehnder DBM electric heating element is ready to plug in and ready to use straight away. It is fitted with an integrated thermostat to control the radiator surface temperature.

Controls on the heating element itself

  • Mode selector switch for switching on and off
  • Two temperature levels (approx. 40°C or 70°C)
  • Timer function or daily programme activated via push button
  • DBM kit incl. T-piece for dual energy operation

    When should you choose an electric radiator?

    It's the ideal solution …

    • when you are retrofitting a radiator.
    • when there is no connection to the heating circuit.
    • in the case of temporary, need-based heating in holiday homes, bathrooms or areas that are rarely used.
    • in seasonal transition times, such as autumn. It means that you don't need to start up the entire heating system.
    • in conjunction with underfloor heating systems.

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