Zehnder Studio Collection

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Our newest premium design line

The Zehnder Studio Collection

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    Architecture is in our genes

    Architecture lies in the genes of Runtal. Runtal was founded in 1953 by engineer Egon Runté and architect Jürg Altherr.

    The company quickly made a name for itself on the Swiss market and was very popular among architects and interior designers due to the combination of innovative products and unique designs.

    In 1988 Runtal was acquired by the Zehnder Group. This acquisition significantly strengthened the position of both brands as market leaders in Switzerland and other European countries.

    For many years the two brands have been synonymous with state-of-the-art technology, continuous innovation, pioneering design, inexhaustible invention and unique production expertise.

    As the next evolution step in this story, Runtal's legacy is being continued in the premium design line of Zehnder - the Zehnder Studio Collection.

    Simplicity and choice

    • More product choice
    • Direct access to the most exclusive part of the Zehnder product portfolio
    • Easier search for product information
    • Simplification of the selection process
    • Easier access to all relevant information on existing Zehnder products as well as products from the Zehnder Studio Collection
    • Single point of contact

    When form follows function

    The slogan "when form follows function" combined with the Zehnder Studio Collection summarizes the character and the essence of the new product line.

    Form follows function is a principle associated with late 19th and early 20th century architecture and industrial design in general and was coined by the architect Louis Sullivan. The idea behind the new slogan is that the advanced technology and highest quality standards of the appealing and well-established design traits of Zehnder are now enriched through a product range where innovative designs and technologies play a pivotal role.

    Together they form a strong bond that allows Zehnder to look into the future with strength and confidence.

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