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Sensor controlled ventilation

An easy and efficient way to control ventilation flows is the CO2 level. Too high CO2 levels in buildings lead to a decreasing concentration ability, fatigue, and headaches. Since people do not have an instinct for CO2 concentration, most occupants, if at all, react too late and begin to ventilate when air is getting humid or sticky. 

Moreover, the global COVID-19 pandemic has showed, that the CO2 level is a good indication for virus and bacteria concentration in the air. But there are also other reference variables that you can take into consideration for your unique project like the humidity or the VOC level.

Join us at this webinar to learn more about sensor-controlled ventilation and find out which solutions are provided by Zehnder.


Design guidelines for radiant heating and cooling ceiling systems

Designing a radiant heating and cooling ceiling system is easier than you think! In this seminar we will lead you through the most important steps and point out how to find the most economic and energy efficient solution.


Commissioning and adjustment of balanced ventilation systems

Even the best installation doesn't work, when commissioning has not been carried out properly. Balanced ventialtion systems require an accurate adjustment to fulfill their purposes: protecting the buidling structure from humidity damages and providing a comfortable and healthy indoor climate. If the volume flows are to low, the humidity can't be transferred, ending up in mould formation and damages at the building structure. Too high volume flows lead to draughts, noise and inefficiency. Join us at this Online Expert Seminar to learn

- how to design a ventilation system based on European Standards

- how to carry out commissioning and adjustment

- how to use measurement devices In this session

An expert from Testo (manufacturer of measurement devices) is co-hosting and showing their solutions.

We are looking forward meeting you at this Online Expert Seminar.

Adrian Gut // Technical Project Engineer at Zehnder Group AG

Tobias Thieme // Product Management at Testo SE & Co.


Ventilative cooling

Overheating is a growing concern - not only are hot and humid homes uncomfortable for occupants, they also pose a risk to their health. Join us at this webinar to learn how you can easily make use of your environment for free cooling using a Zehnder ventilation system. We bring fresh air, and we deliver the fresh air in the most comfortable and energy efficient way.


Installation options for Radiant Ceiling Panels

The selection of the right heating system is depending on many factors. The building's surroundings don't have to be one of them if you are choosing radiant heating and cooling ceiling systems considering the installation options for Radiant Ceiling Panels.


Zehnder Comfofresh- Hygienic air distribution

The Zehnder ComfoFresh air distribution system supplies indoor spaces with fresh air. Round flexible or flat oval tubes combined with valves, grilles, and other connection possibilities bring a maximum flexibility and planning security to your unique project. The Clinside technology ensures this is done cleanly and hygienically. The smooth inner skin not only reduces the build-up of dust, but also guarantees easy cleaning. Watch this webinar to learn more about the installation options, the Clinside technology and see how a proper duct cleaning is carried out.


Decentralized ventilation units

By 2050, buildings aim to be climate-neutral by using an energy-efficient building technology combined with a tight and highly insulated building envelope. There arises the need of a ventilation concept not only to provide enough fresh air for the occupants, but also to prevent the building structure from humidity damages. Around 80% of the buildings we are living in 2050 are already built. At existing houses retrofitting a central ventilation system is often not possible due to the ductwork. Therefore, decentralised solutions are required for the renovation sector. Watch this webinar to learn more about Zehnder decentralised ventilation units.


New innovations for energy efficiency for Zehnder Radiant Ceiling Panels

How do radiant ceiling panels work? What is the difference between radiation, radiative power and what are the differences to convective heating?

You will learn more in this online seminar!


Passive house certified ventilation units

Climate change forces us to build energy efficient buildings. Local differences and a wide variety of building standards around the globe makes a comparison difficult. A common base can be provided by building certificates. The internationally most known certificate comes from the Passive House Institute in Germany. The passive house principle is based on a highly insulated building envelope combined with a ventilation system with heat recovery to minimize thermal losses. In many countries, Passive House buildings are governmentally subsidizied. In this webinar we will explain the Passive House approach and show how you can reach the certification with our ventilation units.


Enthalpy vs. Heat recovery

The latest market development shows, that ventilation units are more and more equipped with enthalpy exchangers instead of standard heat exchangers. While a common heat exchanger only recovers heat, enthalpy exchangers recover moisture additionally. In this online seminar we are showing the benefits of enthalpy recovery in terms of comfort and energy efficiency. The technology of the exchanger membrane is explained by an expert of the R&D department.

This seminar is aimed for installers, architects, planners and HVAC experts.


Radiant cooling for office spaces

Cooling demand is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. In this online seminar we will how comfortable indoor climate can be achieved all year round without compromising energy efficiency.


Energy analysis of balanced ventilation

Besides well-being and comfort, energy benefits play a major role in terms of costs and environmental protection. Therefore, we are analysing the energy savings of balanced ventilation systems. Zehnder residential ventilation systems come along with heat exchangers to recover heat from the extract to the supply air.

In this Zehnder online seminar we are showing, how much energy balanced ventilation saves not only on the heating, but also on the cooling load of a house. These savings are shown by the results of field studies. Furthermore, ways of ventilative cooling are explained. At the end, we are pointing out, how much electrical energy is needed for the above benefits.

This webinar is aimed for installers and planners, as well as architects


Factors for a healthy indoor climate

This webinar imparts the basic principles providing a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. Firstly, the importance of a healthy indoor climate is shown on the simple fact, that people spent more than 80 % of their time indoors. Therefore, different factors of indoor climate are exposed, and target values given. Based on these principles, the systems and products will be presented and discussed in further follow-up webinars.

The webinar is aimed for all interested specialists in the HVAC industry.